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Gamme Plénilife Health





Bien-être & Vitalité


Plenilife Health - Well-being & Vitality

The OLIGONOV response to maintain energy and well-being by providing natural ingredients and essential nutrients. Associated with a few simple dietary rules, these supplements are used to rebuild reserves whose the body needs to function at 100%

VISION Protect

A complex of nutritive elements to favour visual comfort and to fight against ocular ageing

JOINTS Comfort

Helps to reduce joints sensitivity and to recover supple and flexible movements

Helps to regain sleep balance to benefit from a full nught and restful sleep

OMEGA 3 Cardio

A combination of Omega 3 from marine origin and vitamin E well-known for their antioxidant power

Increase tonus and masculine vitality.
Improves anergy and sexual performances.
Optimises sexual potential
MORAL Booster

Helps to restore optimism and to feel serene regulating the emotional and nervous balance


Contributes to maintain a good memory and to keep good brain performances
VITALITY Maxitonic

Helps to fight against tiredness and to boost physical and mental performances


Contributes to control cholesterol level