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Gamme beauté







Plenilife Beauty

For complete skin protection

 ANTI-AGE Protect

Combined with marin collagen and powerful anti-oxidants,  hyaluronic acid helps to maintain hydratation and elasticity of the skin

Prevents the damaging effects of skin ageing, protects cells against stress, pollution and UV rays

Helps to remove the deposited cellulite and to keep the elasticity and firmness of the skin

Prevents the body from the harmful effects of ageing. Protects cells from stress due to polltion and sun rays

 Formula combinig argan oil and borage to make the skin flexible, moisturize and delay skin ageing
Favours hair growth and strength
Helps to avoid hair loss
   SOLAIRE activ  

Gives a bronzed complexion without sun and optimises the suntan in case of exposure to the sun